Lotus Elite



We are primarily a service and parts dealer, we are one of if not the foremost service dealers in the UK and Europe, our labour rate is the lowest of any uk dealer and virtually of all the so called specialists.

We carry all service parts in stock and never rely on VOR orders. We do everything in house and farm out very little. All engines, gear boxes etc are rebuilt in the workshop.

FS are renowned throughout the world for there supreme quality or GRP and paintwork (Miles has written the 2 definitive books, sadly now out of print) Our spray oven is on site again unlike many dealers who farm it out. We are one of only three that have it on site. We cover everything from a minor scratch to full blown re-sprays via bonding on sections or if not available recreating your smashed mess.



FS have always been one of the largest suppliers in the world for Lotus parts and this has been recognised by Lotus cars giving FS in November 1999 all the chassis jigs and body moulds, and on the 1st of May 2002 all the remaining parts up to 1984. We now supply the world with all 26, 36, 45, 50, 54, 65, 74, 75, 76, 79, 81, 83 and 84 part No’s. 


We have always had parts that other people did not know existed and again through the vast knowledge of Lotus models we know what you want. We also give discount on the current range of Lotus Elise accessories and in general you will find us the cheapest for genuine Lotus parts. If we can’t supply it then we know who can. Please remember we supply the suppliers.


We stress that we are the only people who have the original Lotus tooling jigs and drawings for all our remanufactured parts. ie T.C.A's, chassis, rollbars, hoses etc...

Lotus cars automatically give us the right to produce obsolete parts. Nobody else can do this.

All GRP panels/body shells made to order, please phone for quote.

For all your Lotus need, free technical advice etc, we really do know, please telephone on 01243 554422 or fax on 01243 554545.


PAYMENT access visa cards Bankers draft cheques.

We export parts everyday around the world, shipping and air freighting is also a speciality.